Asta Hiroki is taking us on a mesmerizing trip once again.

A journey through jazz & electronica makes “Cherry Blossom” the perfect soundtrack for your space-out.

This is taken from his new album Entropy that revolves around leftfield electronica, downtempo, contemporary jazz, and hip hop, and was recorded across studios in UK, Colombia, USA, and Cyprus. He shares:

This album was made over a period of years where this ‘entropy’ theme became more prominent for me. Looking at the world and seeing climate crisis, the rise of fake news, the dominance of social media, a spread of populism politics, increases in wealth and quality of life disparity, a pandemic, etc, etc. It seemed to be visible everywhere and inescapable. It’s easy to think the world presented to you is in a certain order as you grow up, but the entropy of the universe is always increasing, naturally slipping towards the unknown, and trying to stop it is pointless. I think there is sometimes beauty to be found in this shift – an unexpected element that brings joy. These compositions were created with that in mind, and are bound together by the common theme, intending to occupy both the side of the order that we are comfortable with as well as traveling to the spaces beyond those boundaries.

And the official music video is a pop-art-inspired story, animated by Asta Hiroki himself.