With the ever-growing popularity of the lo-fi genre, it seems that fewer and fewer are the tracks that stand out not only as being more than just your typical background music, but are also memorable, catchy and diverse.

Enter “Chasing The Sun” by ticofaces (ft. Spinmont).

The overall mysterious and distant vibe, achieved by the muted string melody (reminiscent of a harp or a sitar) gives the whole track almost a psychedelic feel at times, especially when combined with the plucked guitar notes, buried a bit deeper in the soundscape. Furthermore, the memorable melody at the end of every section, played by what sounds to me like something close to fretless bass, wraps the final sonic “package” of the tune.

Every instrument in this track sounds very familiar, yet as you can tell, even I’m still having a tough time putting every audible sound on the track under a specific overused-instrument-category.

With that in mind “Chasing The Sun” sounds just as it looks (title- and artwork-wise) in the sense that you witness the sunset every day, so the beauty of it is quite familiar, yet you’re almost always bound to feel a certain unexpected pensiveness, melancholy and mystery when you go for a walk towards the sun at the end of a long day.

Don’t hesitate to add “Chasing The Sun” to your “Sunset mood” playlist, if you feel like it.