Kaisaku has been dishing out quality goods for years now; the Canadian’s latest offering is the two-track Cerulean/Remnants of Us EP, out on newly-formed label “Enhanced Chill”. The A-side, “Cerulean”, is a progressive 4×4 journey that effortlessly treads the ridgeline of organic electronica.

Opening with a gentle pad melody, the track has an analogue feel right from the off. Foley percussion is held together by a reverbed-out hand drum, while a repeated vocal cut sets up the harmonic base for the the bassline to build upon.

When the 4×4 drums hit they are tight and clean, purposeful in the way they cut through the reese sub. The airy synth lead that arcs overhead acts as a counterbalance to the murky weight of the bassline; it’s slow repetition allows the listener to sink into the soundscape around them.

Stream the Cerulean/Remnants of Us EP here:

Kaisaku Cerulean
Cerulean – Kaisaku 04:51