Are you ready to get blasted away with a feather? “Ce Soir Ou Jamais” offers the drive of chillhop in combination with the elegance of live-played harp, to bring some awesome vibes to your earplugs!

A harpist, pianist and producer, Hippo Dreams combines delicate instrumentation with hip hop beats, to craft her own sound. Here’s what the French producer shared, regarding the track:

Except for the drums and the bass I used only harp for this track. I was trying to use as many different sounds of the harp as possible and redesigned the textures using plugins. I intended to express a feeling of nonchalance and euphoria at the same time. The title in French says a lot, “tonight or never”: I thought of the casual and spontaneous ways to go out do something unplanned, the feeling of letting go and not worrying, the “f*** it let’s do it attitude!

“Ce Soir Ou Jamais” is part of the recently released Beat Queens compilation, meant to help spread the word and make successful female producers more visible and thus inspire more women/non-binary individuals to follow their passion for music. Stream the full compilation here.