Texas-based artist Carsn. has managed to transport listeners to an entirely new sonic world with his two latest hit singles; “General Gentleman” and “Rip Away.” The contemporary urban artist naturally finds the way to communicate his most authentic self to the listener. Both songs showcase his fascinating sound made of a fusion of rap, pop, and even dance music. His fun and light urban subgenre is the perfect sonic formula to attract countless new fans to discover his special craft.  

He explains: “The main inspiration for this one was about a recent breakup, and it’s about moving on from a bad situation and finding better things/people out there in the world. Hence, ‘Rip Away’ as in I was ripping away the bandage of the past and all the bad that came with it, and on the other side the sun shines brighter.”

Carsn. was first introduced to music back in 2008 with rap artist Lil Wayne and his album “The Carter III.” Hardwork and determination were necessary for Carsn. to become a professional artist, and his music speaks for itself as he wonderfully explores new paths by crossing genres. 

He is now preparing to drop his debut EP titled Mixed Emotions, with a tracklist that will include some of my best work to date. Stay tuned!