Car Seat Headrest have shared “Hollywood”, a new single from their forthcoming album Making a Door Less Open

Tinseltown means many things to many different people, and in their latest song, Car Seat Headrest don’t keep their feelings a secret: “Hollywood makes me want to puke!” they sing and shout. “Hollywood makes me want to puke!” Or maybe it’s just the bounce of the bus; several lyrics place the song on a Los Angeles bus ride, and it seems the view out the window has inspired all this disgust.

The accompanying music video, directed by Sabrina Nichols, is full of animated swirls that make the ride feel less like a commute and more like an acid trip. It stars the same gas mask character Car Seat Headrest has lately used for videos and promotional photos, and you can watch it below.

Making a Door Less Open arrives May 1st on Matador Records. Pre-orders are ongoing. Previously, Car Seat Headrest shared the singles “Can’t Cool Me Down” and “Martin”. The band has dates scheduled throughout the year for their North American tour, and tickets are available here.