10 days in, I finally get to experience FKJ’s new record V I N C E N T this morning.

Sian Eleri played this Little Dragon feature last night on the latest Chillest Show episode and that’s when I realized with all the business last week I forgot to focus on the important things… I mean a new FKJ calls for a pause on everything else, right?

The album, titled after FKJ’s real name (I reckon?), is packed with features – from Toro Y Moi, Little Dragon and his life partner ((( O ))) to Santana, the artist fuses slow-dance grooves while traveling through various genres like neo-soul, jazz and electronica.

I picked “Can’t Stop” not only because I am utterly in love with Yukimi’s voice, but because of the smile the song puts on my face. I’ve been slowly swirling left and right while on my char for 20 minutes now and it feels like nothing can ruin my day. The guitar licks on this one are simply put mesmerizing.