Having been initially introduced to that distinct new wave of relaxed rap with powerful storytelling and messages about clarity and self-empowerment through the music of Loyle Carner a while back, I was instantly hooked on ”Can’t Stop Now”.

Even if you don’t manage to catch each and every nuance of Finnoh’s insightful lyrics, you just go with the natural deep flow of the tune.
My favourite part about the track is the combination between the warm 808-sounding bass lines and the funky synth bass phrase every two bars or so, which reminds you that behind the curtain of flawless rhymes, there’s also a big colourful groovy world. If you don’t believe it – just wait for the outro section for that classic Boyan drop.

And if the track title says “Can’t stop now” then I’m 100% on board, I say please don’t. The world needs more of Finnoh (fka Ill Chill) and Boyan.