An England-based duo, The KTNA boast a unique, striking sound they call “cosmic soul”. Merging the tranquil sound of soul music with emotionally stirring and inspiring lyrics, their latest single “Can’t Stop It” lives up perfectly to this categorization.

The sisters utilize serene vocals and a snappy drum beat as they explore the determination on the road to success. The beat rides in firmly in the intro of the song as the duo harmonizes and teases the main vibe of the beauty that’s about to blossom. Gentle, yet flawlessly hard-hitting vocals offer catchy phrase after catchy phrase and blend seamlessly with the soulful guitar phrases and percussion grooves.

“It’s our empowerment song. ‘Can’t Stop It’ is our realization record that nothing can stop you, only yourself, keep going”

The aesthetic of the music video compliments the song and its message brilliantly by coming across as elegant, chic and empowering. The dark color scheme featuring vibrant and glowing red and blue shades as well as seamless scene transitions creates a truly captivating video. Check it out below and keep an eye out for the upcoming release by the Manchester artists!