CALYN, an emerging talent in the American R&B scene, has unveiled her latest artistic creation,  “Waiting,” a single that intricately explores the complex landscape of human emotions. Originating from the vibrant city of Stockton, California, the artist’s musical journey is marked by her ability to craft unique melodies and lyrics that dive deep into the intricacies of feelings, capturing their essence in ways that resonate with her audience. 

Discussing the inspiration and creative process behind “Waiting,” CALYN reveals that the song delves into the theme of finding joy amidst challenging situations. The song remained a work-in-progress for nearly six months, allowing her ample time to reflect on and convey the emotional turmoil that accompanies the period before and after a breakup. 

Through her lyrics, she navigates the tumultuous waters of a love that is as enticing as it is detrimental, painting a vivid picture of a relationship marred by emotional immaturity and communication breakdowns. CALYN’s raw and expressive storytelling invites listeners to step into her world, sharing in her journey of yearning, isolation, and the quest for inner harmony.

In her discussion of the songwriting process, CALYN emphasizes her desire for listeners to derive their own meanings from her work, while also sharing her personal interpretation of the song’s message. She highlights the importance of recognizing the positive aspects of a challenging situation, urging her audience to understand that the presence of good elements does not always justify remaining in a harmful situation. 

This nuanced approach to songwriting is reflective of her artistic background, rooted in diverse musical experiences from a young age, including recording background vocals in Los Angeles and exploring various musical genres under the guidance of her sister DYLI.

As she continues to navigate the Alternative R&B landscape, CALYN remains committed to establishing her distinct presence through authenticity and creative exploration, drawing inspiration from a variety of musical influences, including the melodic stylings of Pink Sweat$. “Waiting” is a journey through the spectrum of human emotions, a narrative of love and loss, and a showcase of her undeniable talent and heartfelt artistry.

Listen to “Waiting” below: