Here is another track from Sofia Kourtesis’ latest EP, concerning which the artist shares:

Fresia Magdalena is about activism. It’s about making positive changes, whoever and wherever you are. Fresia is my mothers name and her whole life she’s fought hard for the people of Magdalena, Peru. This is my tribute to her and the other activists around the world working hard to better the lives of others. We as musicians have a responsibility to help our communities to have their voices heard, changes are needed.

“By Your Side” is a track of patchwork nature, in which the samples are carefully selected in order to bring dynamics and colour to the construction. Kourtesis’ signature approach of collecting and combining fragments of sound from her native home, her life all over the world, as well as samples from movies and personal encounters, is noticeable here too. She skillfully brings all these separate pieces to unity and brings them to life.

The track is calm and cheerful at the same time and fits well both on the dancefloor and on your own headphones.