If “Everything Is A Dream” to new Brazilian Lo-Fi Compilation Chill Brazilian Storm: Everything Is A Dream, you won’t want to wake up. 

Track #16, “butterflies” by Brazilian producer Miyuki Kuzuoka displays all the quintessentials of lo-fi chillhop whilst concurrently keeping it fresh. 

The song enters with a silky smooth guitar on top of the sounds of blissful rainfall, and follows shortly with the rhythm section that tightens the track together. The tune is accompanied by further lead guitar, synth and ambience that take on a few traditional Eastern-sounding elements. 

“butterflies” fits perfectly into the compilation created by Brazilian Lo-Fi artists, featuring other Brazilian producers including Linearwave, IzaBeats and colours in the dark. Kuzuoka displays the works of a stand out song, that leaves you eager to continue the compilation with open ears.