So happy to add one of the most positive rays of creative sunshine on the Bulgarian scene to our label family! A few months ago I got a random message from Mila (who I’ve known for years) about an upcoming project in English. Needless to say, I started digging through the demos she sent me and I was instantly hooked to quite a few of them. That’s when the final form of Gap Summer started shaping.

Today, we’re kicking off an awesome feel-good journey with “Break Up With U” – a blend of playful bedroom pop, indie r&b, the song is sprinkled with a scent of a classic vintage soul. Working closely with friend and long-term creative partner in crime Joro Peev (@jawpains) and Yavor Karagitliev, Mila’s vision is coming to life straight to your ears.

She’s also fresh out of her mini-EU tour in Italy, Switzerland and Germany and the vibe seems a perfect reflection of the music we’ve got lined for you this summer.

Besides her voice and carefree positive personality, one thing that I absolutely love is Mila’s lyricism. “Break Up With U” is her first track in English and she’s slaying it. I tend to be very picky when it comes to music lyrics, but this (and the EP as a whole) topped my charts.

She’s quite quiet, very simple
She does something in the arts

Oh wait! I think I’ve ruined you for that
Sorry motori baby dimple
She’s very organised and pretty fine
She’s always there in time
And oh ye! She drinks wine, not just for the rhyme
I drink neat whiskey she drinks wine
She’s very beautiful and her nose is very small and all
I’m already jealous of her all

Stream “Break Up With U” on all major platforms here.

Next single is called “That Girl” and will be out on June 20th. Stay tuned for more.