If you’ve ever wondered what the polar lights might sound like, “Borealis” is the answer. This audible representation of the glistening colors across the sky perfectly encompasses the feeling you might expect when witnessing one of Earth’s most magnificent natural displays. 

Courtesy of John Hastings, or RUMTUM, this track is a celestial trip. The circular synth pattern entrances you from the start and the alternating, arpeggiated notes achieve a delicately balanced sound. 

The Cleveland producer and visual artist has been known to incorporate elements of the natural world into his work. This second single from his upcoming album, Isles in Indigo is a cosmic, nostalgic experience, so we can be sure that more magic is on the way. You can expect the full release in the middle of Marchfrom the Brooklyn-based record label, Bastard Jazz

Next time you find yourself in the great unknown, gazing at the stars and pondering your existence, be sure to play “Borealis” for some additional ear-magic.