What happens with you blend a Tom Misch-like soulful beat with the vocal delivery of Ella Mai? The answer is Linda Diaz’s new single “Blessed”.

Produced by her frequent collaborator THANKYOUFATMATT, “Blessed” is about the growing pains that accompany big life changes. It’s about the times we focus on our shortcomings or mistakes and I can definitely related to that. I often get caught in the now and today’s good and bad and forget that lots of the things we push for today will bring positiveness in the long run. The song is an affirmation and a reminder to acknowledge your talents, current successes and blessings as you work toward meeting future goals.

This is the first time we feature the New York-based singer. Linda is the winner of the 2020 NPR Tiny Desk Contest and also a co-host of the PBS musical education series Sound Field. For those who love lush vocals and jazzy groovy beats, then you’ve found someone to keep a close eye on.