I’m very pleased to share with you one of the singles from the freshly-dropped Earth EP – result of the collaboration between German producer Worldtraveller (aka Living Room) and Brazilian guitarist Ricardo Schneider.

This blissful EP is exactly what you need to start the week purified and relaxed, ready to make the best out of it, even if that means taking a bit of time to enjoy and appreciate your existence. With its organic sound and soothing atmosphere, the project is a nurturing experience that reminds us of our ability to grow, regenerate and access the source of vitality within ourselves.

The last track from this healing release challenges the listener to see “Beyond”  what one might consider as possible or feasible, allowing one’s self to expand one’s horizon. Holding tight to your roots, there’s no reason to be scared to fly and reach new lands of opportunities. Calmly letting go of certain habits and beliefs that don’t allow you to develop, you might also outgrow your environment and realize there are other circumstances in which you can better evolve and thrive. Infused with bright but humble hope, “Beyond” invites you to explore, imagine and dream, comforted by its serene atmosphere.

Stream the EP here.