What better than dipping into the sea of relaxation with this incredibly peaceful lofi tune?

Today’s label release is a pure bliss which will help you see far and ‘beyond the horizon’. The first single off Steezy Prime and azayaka‘s upcoming album a new chapter, this track gives you a taste of the beautiful upcoming treat. Steezy Prime shares:

As soon as Jake and I first connected we realized that our workflows matched perfectly. I was instantly inspired by any melodic guitar ideas he sent over and my piano melodies would just flow effortlessly. It felt like no time until we had 8 finished tracks ready, it only felt natural to release an album together. The theme of the project is inspired by nostalgic times and new beginnings.

Gentle keys and warming guitar melodies are in the centre of all eight compositions from the album, due on May 25th via Stereofox Records.

Stream “beyond the horizon” here.