Funky vibes coming your way with this groovy tune by VC Pines!
His latest track combines lush instrumentation and his inimitable vocals to deliver a generous amount of reasons for you to swing those worries away from your head ( and desk).

“Be Honest” sees him explode out of the dark and pursue a bold and enigmatic direction this time around. Still maintaining his effortlessly smooth and soulful aesthetic throughout, his newest effort is about finding the light within the despair, coming to terms with his own personal situation and state of mental health. Speaking about the new tune, he said:

“Be Honest” is a culmination of things, it was written towards the end of 2020 – the year of fuckery. So the beginning has this distrust and wariness I think we all had at the time. I wanted to convey my own mental health struggles and of those around me due to these strange, uncertain and lonely times… I’d definitely been burning the candle at both ends when this song formed, so I think it’s a small yelp for help but at the same time, encompasses the nervousness of the youth of this country. Working on this with Tobie Tripp was dreamy, we really focused on every layer, from BVs to brass to flute and then he sprinkled his magic string playing on top. It has this meatiness to it, but because each layer is so in and out, it has this child-like ‘dares’ quality to it which I love.