Ever since Lu introduced me to Tinlicker with his interview with them, I’ve been keeping an eye on the Dutch duo.

Their latest offering “Be Here and Now”, out via Anjuna Deep, is a part ballad, part progressive house gem, featuring vocalist Nathan Nicholson. A powerful piece, infused with strings and cinematic epicness but with driving drums and Tinlicker’s signature danceability. The track is about “what it once was”, and Nathan elaborates:

When Tinlicker first sent me the instrumental for this song, long before they gave it rhythm, I fell in love with it – just piano and strings. It was very powerful and a lot of the lyrics and all of the melody came out on my first pass. The lyrics are about a longing for the past and the innocence of growing up. I lost my mom when I was eighteen and within a year moved from Tennessee to England, so my childhood into adulthood has a very strong line running in between. I’m in a constant war with nostalgia – the other life – and where I am right now. In this song, I’m simply telling myself to have reverence for my past, but not to be beholden to it. A huge thanks to Tinlicker for asking me to be a part of it.

And I don’t think I’ve seen such a wide video recently, it’s absolutely mesmerizing: