Monday is soul, jazz, boom-bap, and Aywee Tha Seed appreciation day.

The French producer (who we’ve had the pleasure of releasing with as well) is teaming up with our mates at Beat Jazz International (a subsidiary of for the release of his new full-length album. Guys, forget Donda – Smokey Ways To Chill is all you need today.

Kicking off with “BB Luv” – a wonderful and positive soul-inspired beat fairy tale. I highly recommend listening to the full release below though. Have a dope day!

Aywɛɛ Ʈẖɑ S̱ɛɛɗ Smokey Ways To Chill {full beat-tape}
Smokey Ways To Chill {full beat-tape} – Aywɛɛ Ʈẖɑ S̱ɛɛɗ 30:45