Been waiting to share this track for days and as soon as I hit the publish button I’ll run to Anna and Nasko to share it with them. Idk why, I feel those two will love this. There’s no logic explanation behind this, it just reminded me of both.

Enough with the blabla, because this is dope af. Alex The Large – you nailed it, my dude. “Backwoords” feel like emo meets dream pop meets lofi hip hop meets… hip hop? It has a very specific teen hopelessness scent (in a good way) and there’s a good reason for that. Alex shares….

It is a nostalgic odyssey into the mind of an 18 year old adolescent gripping with growing up in Small Town, America and inevitably falling into the trappings that end of consuming humans whole.

Track is only available on Spotify and Apple Music, so… yeah.