Crisp percussion and undulating synths to pay homage to a beloved memory in the hearts of many devoted music lovers – let’s get “Back at Plastic”.

Longtime CDR family Om Unit, Mr. Beatnick & Hector Plimmer step up with a two-tracker release dedicated to CDR’s former London home and legendary nightclub Plastic People – an institution greatly missed by London locals. Amongst the most regular attendees: Om Unit, Mr. Beatnick, & Hector Plimmer.

This previously unreleased remix of “Back At Plastic” is an irresistibly swung bottom-heavy excursion, equally hard-bodied as it is ethereal, and dates back to the end of CDR’s time at the club. With its variety of gorgeous synth textures and simple yet elegantly ambient soundscapes, the track’s aesthetic has the London vibe deeply rooted in its DNA.