German future garage and ambient producer AK has one of the most instantly-recognisable sounds in the genre. Clean, warm and perfectly-balanced, every piece of his rich discography is a new world to travel through and explore. Released on taste-making Canadian label Monstercat, his latest track “Back Again” is a syncopated, organic electronica dream.

Opening with a synthy arp drenched in delay, the depth of the track picks up quickly. It takes only 30 seconds for the drums to begin pounding out the rhythm, the soundscape building in intensity bar by bar in true progressive style while percussion skitters along in the stereo field.

The powerful presence of the sub carries the listener through the pads; a vessel cutting through an atmospheric sea while the drums lap against the hull like waves. Topped off with a guitar lead and repeated vocal cuts, this tune truly has it all: melodic catchiness, relaxing warmth and driving energy.

Stream “Back Again” here:

Monstercat AK – Back Again
AK – Back Again – Monstercat 03:24