It’s always a breath of fresh air when you stumble upon a gem such as “Anything”.

On her latest single, London-based artist Harve teams up with another one of the UK’s emerging rnb queens, Fatima. The result is an enchanting piece of music that feels like a slow nighttime cruise through a sleepy city. The minimalistic song structure provides more than enough space for the delicate juxtaposition between velvet vocals and reserved, seclusive piano to take you over. The sparse electronic background the track is soaked into invokes a floating and distant mood, which according to Harve, was the desired effect in terms of ambiance:

‘Anything’ is about finding yourself feeling distanced in a relationship; they’re your person, and the closest thing you’ve felt to home, but you’re still feeling alone. When you’re both going through your own hurt and you can’t hold each other up like you used to. It’s about finding yourself together in the space of silence, holding everything you need to say from the person who knows you, sometimes more than you do.

“Anything” is the first single off Harve’s upcoming and yet-to-be-named EP, the follow-up to her beautifully tender release Held By The Moon (2020).