That kind of breezy sound, which brings a sense of tranquillity and hope – “Anything You Need” makes you feel like you already have everything you want, blending the present and the future moment.

We’re used to experiencing the present, focusing on everything we still haven’t acquired. Thus being unable to feel gratitude towards everything that already exists in our lives. What if we gaze into the future with a feeling of confidence that it will all work out, instead of focusing on the scarcity, that may or may not be turned into abundance?

“Anything You Need” evokes a feeling of peacefulness and gratitude, triggered by the sense of fullness, instead of emptiness and lack of something. The blissful sound aesthetics is achieved by subtle percussion, calming synths and airy vocals, which make you breathe deeper and relax your whole being.

Well-crafted, dear Mr Marcus!