I know it’s Monday and I know it’s time to welcome Autumn, but that’s no reason to droop – especially if there are tracks like this one that will certainly give you a reason to feel good.

I’m talking about the latest collaboration between jazz producer Telica and rapper PDRO – both UK-based.  “Another Day Another Blessing” is a track about the energy of celebration, built around an effortless jazzy groove and filled with funky elements.

Telica is one of the projects of the Doctor Gosso Collective, focused on the persona and music of Doctor Gosso & the Samplers’ guitarist Pavel Telica. The music of Telica can be characterised as an instrumental fusion between jazz, hip hop and house elements, heavily focused on the guitar as a fundamental sound. Recorded and Produced in the heart of London, “Another Day Another Blessing”  is a step forward in solidifying Telica’s sound towards a more upbeat blend of modern jazz and electronica.

The track is sure to give you a reason to smile and make the best out of your day.