So stoked to have Kennyflowers back on the website!

Following-up Lu’s “Fuckboy” feature from 2019, today we get to experience the Chicago-based artist in its fullest with his stand-alone latest single “Anonymous Girl”.

The indie r&b / bedroom artist has been quickly growing his fan-base with a series of soothing and captivating R&B singles, including “Fireball”, which has amassed almost 1M streams on Spotify alone.

“Anonymous Girl” is a perfect example how versatile his vocal abilities are. Changing crisp and soulful melodies, the track will enchant you and you’ll be nodding your head in no time.

Speaking further on the new release, he shares, “Initially I wrote this song about me hoping to find the girl of my dreams and to devote myself fully. But after sitting in my files for over three years, this song evolved into me singing about my fear of hurting the girl of my dreams.