Something smooth from Ay Wing – an artist we featured around the same time two years ago. This is another single, reminiscent of the end of the Summer. “Angel Blue” has a moderate hip hop drive, with some glittery pads creating a lovely atmosphere. Wing’s haunting vocals plunge the listener into an intimate and vulnerable world.

This is the second track in a series of four songs (Cycle) celebrating the divine feminine and the female cycle. The song is inspired by the idea of harvest and withdrawal. During this time, we might feel more introverted, emotional, inward-facing and introspective. It also represents the PMS phase in which women may feel lower in energy and calmer since it’s a natural winding-down time in the cycle.

“I’m a saint, I’m a savage, wisdom turns into madness, would you still put me first when I’m at my worst” – the lyrics represent duality and confronting the doubts and anxieties that come into play during this phase, as well as questioning women’s roles as caregivers. 

Soft but crisp, the sound aesthetics turns the song into a really pleasant and slightly addictive tune, which sets the mood for a wonderful evening.