While I am not an artist, I often get to live through part of the excitement and happiness of putting music out in the world. I was exceptionally stoked for our next label release for a number of reasons.

First of all, the person behind EVDN. – Evden Dimitrov is one of the most talented and energizing people on stage I’ve ever seen. He is your favourite artists favourite bassplayer, basically.

Secondly, while we know each other for just a few months, I can tell he has a big heart and is doing things with passion and utmost attention to detail. Nothing, but respect for him as a human and insanely talented artist. Both very important things!

Funny enough, we ended up fixing stuff on the release till almost 2AM in the morning, but to me that’s what makes releasing music so cool.

Now, onto the important things! What and who are you listening today. Evden (named after his grandfather), picked his first bass guitar at the age of 16 and that’s when the concept of EVDN. was actually born. Just like the music he’s creating, his journey feels cosmic, and both guiding and non-directional at the same time.

What you get to experience today, his debut single “ANCESTORS”, is a spectacle of the greatness awaiting you all summer. The first single from his upcoming LP TENSION/RELEASE offers a blend of live jazz instrumentation blended with electronica and downtempo elements, power-charged with Rado Kasazov’s skillful drumming which serves as the link between jazz dynamics and electronic pulsation.

While “ANCESTORS” is lyric-less, the song features a performance of one of the most prominent contemporary voices on the Bulgarian soul & pop scene – Preyah. She and EVDN. channeled her captivating vocals as an instrument in the mix, which allows listener to truly expand and let their imagination float.

“Ancestors is the track where it all began for this album. Paying homage to all the people before me, both in my roots and who inspired my musical path, we’re a product of their aspiration and determination.

The song sends a message of hope, that no matter how hard it gets, we should stay focused and inspired to drive for a better tomorrow, where we’ll be the next ancestors.“, shares the artist.

Stream “ANCESTORS” on all major platforms here.

Next tune off the TENSION/RELEASE journey is going to be called “WARRIOR”. Feel free to follow EVDN. on Instagram, Spotify or Apple Music. Stay tuned for more!