You might have noticed that I have a certain ‘sweet tooth’ for unconventional compositions, which incorporate various music influences to come up with something which will make you stop what you’re doing to dive into a new music world. Such a mind-teasing tune is Kid Static’s remix of a free jazz piece by the band Disorganizer.

A fan of both free jazz and hip hop, I was melted by the amazing combination of elements and the emotivity of the track. This incredible music dialogue, which operates within the broad unregulated frame of free jazz, translates chaos and silence into something with substance and inimitable character.

The track is more than far from coming out of a certain mould and this made me fall in love with it and get addicted to the brilliant expression of each instrument, involved in this sonic feast. The ever-evolving shape of the composition is not even staying at one place – it maintains a certain unpredictable direction, which makes your ears and mind try to trace and capture it, only to find yourself immersed even more in the music journey.

A track that will certainly make you listen to it over and over again, this remix of “An Emptiness Supreme” will disorganize you in the most beautiful and free-spirited way!