Gone are the days when I found jaw-dropping up-and-coming music. It’s official! My amazing girl is the new smooth vibes scout for Stereofox.

The day started with her asking “Can I play you a song?” and 15 seconds later I was like “Wait, is this H.E.R. or Jhene Aiko or something”. Turns out those dope sounds were created not that far away from where I am.

Meet Bulgarian-born London-based Izabel and the title track of her debut EP alien bae. The track is a sonic wave of lush sounds that drift towards the more slow-dance / groovy side of r&b and yet it still feels like an intimate confession. Needless to say, her vocals are pure gold.

I also can’t miss dwelling on the beat, produced by drummer and producer Rado Kazasov. One could tell his drumming background – the beat is filled with hundreds of tiny percussion sounds that fill the space for those who love submerging in the instrumental. As someone who has been riding the future beats wave for years now this felt like a good return to the Soulection days. Also, the flute at 1:02 is the absolute cherry on the top.

As I’ve always said – any time I hear something so good coming from my home country it just feels so satisfying and exciting. Izabel alongside Leena who recently dropped her track “Assumptions” via our label and Yaиa are at the forefront of the contemporary r&b / soul scene here. It won’t be long before their music blows internationally.

If you dig “alienbae”, dig into the other 5 tracks on her EP with beats by our mate Trombobby, Presley, and mix/mastering by Rawland. I reckon I will end up featuring quite a few of them anyways.

A great addition to our Lush Vibes playlist.