This piece made my jaw drop.

A combination between Massive Attack & James Blake, with a touch of UK hip hop – here comes UK producer JEZTLS.

“Affair” is the 1st single off his upcoming El Paradiso EP – a track telling the story of a sexual assault he experienced and which sees him using his own vocals for the first time. He explains:

“Affair” to me is such a representative song. I dealt with so much hurt after being assaulted, I spent two weeks stuck in a tiny room in student accommodation in a foreign country. I was so stunned after it happened, it felt like it took a lifetime to fully process – so when I finally got out of bed and pulled up this beat I’d made for another artists session, the truth all fell out.
I’d previously planned to release a collaboration album, it was all set for the end of April, but after the assault it just fell apart and I realised I was the only person that could speak my own truth. It’s funny producing and writing for other people all your life, then one day something clicked and I realised as much as I hate my own voice – singing these songs myself is the most courageous and honest thing I can do as an artist. The structure of “Affair” fully allowed me to channel the different notions I went through: denial, pain, and anger. I’m not a rapper but I knew that I had so much to address in the final verse – it just came out like that.

There’s also a pretty mesmerising & trippy music video you should totally check out: