Multi-genre EDM producer and open-format DJ 5 Day Forecast has the crowd going wild over his latest single “Elevate.” The follow-up to “Baby I’m Good” and “To The Edge” comes with an accompanying music video that follows a heartbroken girl trying to move on from a past relationship. Battling an inner conflict, the woman is stuck in a room remembering the good times with her ex.

Speaking of “Elevate,” 5 Day admits: “This single is a special one for me. I wanted to drop my first dubstep song while also exploring a darker/moodier vibe and think I accomplished that with this song.” The musician is known for his versatile range and loves experimenting with multiple EDM styles like Tropical House, Progressive House, Tech House, Dubstep, and Future House. 

“I just play with a lot of different instruments/samples/sounds to create the emotion I’m hoping to convey in the song until it’s perfect. There’s a lot of internal dialogue I have with myself during the creative process to make sure I’m properly aligning my thoughts and emotions with my ideas,” explains, 5 Day Forecast when talking about how he transmits the duality of emotions with his beats.

5 Day’s visionary approach to arranging his sets brings out the power of the song and lyrics: “I can hear whispers from far away/ I can’t hide but I’ll try/ I see the walls are caving in/ But I’m not ready to fly/ If I were to stay in here forever/ I would want the sun to come alive/ If my heart was lighter than a feather/ I would slip away into the night/ Send me ultraviolet signals through the silence/ Into the horizon/ Elevate.”

Following “Elevate,” 5 Day Forecast will continue to drop new releases this year. The emerging DJ and producer has already been named as 2023’s “artist to watch” by We Rave You.  

Watch the music video for “Elevate” below:

Listen to “Elevate” here: