In the dawn of our first Bulgarian Beat Wave compilation, there’s one more name I would love to share with you. Not only would love to, but need to, because Vladislav Michev AKA VLADKO is seriously going to blow your mind.

Technically speaking, one might consider “11001” as Vladi’s debut, but the talented producer and brass player has been active for years and has produced a number of tracks with local artists. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him perform live and I can tell you – nothing, but a powerful good energy! He is also a member of Funky Miracle alongside EVDN., RADO and C-MO, and can be seen exploring some experimental jazz grounds with A3ck and Bobo & The Gang.

I think it goes without saying – he’s certainly one of the names you will see on vol. 2 of the compilation. Hella talented Bulgarian artist and I’m nothing, but proud to have such people in the scene around me.

Now, let’s talk about today’s highlight – “11001”.

If I need to go for the elevator pitch, then imagine Kaytranada’s groove, Thundercat bass melodies and Kiefer’s jazzy vibe, but all that made while in space. There’s something incredibly cosmic about the track, something one can pick from the beautiful artwork accompanying the release.

There’s so much going on in just over 3 minutes and a half, that I feel I’ll need to dissect every instrument separately. As classic trained trombone player, Vladi makes sure you know where he mastery truly lies. The track kicks off with a minimal, yet playful solo-like element before it explodes and all the futuristic elements kick-in.

Basically, this is a beautiful whirl of emotions and a must-hear for any jazz and groove fans out there. Instant add to our Groovy Beats playlist.