Back in 2021, Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Yaya Bey has released a new EP called The Things I Can’t Take With Me. Now she’s announced a new album called Remember Your North Star which will be out on June 17th via Big Dada.

I saw a tweet that said, ‘Black women have never seen healthy love or have been loved in a healthy way.’ That’s a deep wound for us. Then I started to think about our responses to that as Black women,” Bey says of Remember Your North Star’s title inspiration, an entirely self-written project featuring key production from Bey herself, with assists from Phony Ppl’s Aja Grant and DJ Nativesun. “So this album is kind of my thesis. Even though we need to be all these different types of women, ultimately we do want love: love of self and love from our community. The album is a reminder of that goal.”

Check the first excerpt “alright“.