As musical acts of the same generation and country, pølaroit and Verboten Berlin’s sound both stand in contrast to the highly-produced and perfected aesthetics of their times. “Tide” is their new track.

“We love the imperfect, human touch and want to transport this feeling into electronic music,” says pølaroit“the basic idea of The Tide actually came about on our synthesizers. But we quickly realized that we needed an organic sound. For that, we had a bassist friend in the studio who recorded the bass line and a few effects for us. That’s exactly what creates the feeling of the song.”

“The soft piano in contrast to the pulsating drums and percussions and also the analogue synths create a dynamic atmosphere of “up and down”, therefore the title “THE TIDE” came naturally,” explains Verboten Berlin“The lyrics deal with the constant search for “balance”, to keep striving through the ebb and flow of life.”

Watch the official video below.