French pianist Vanessa Wagner has announced the release of a new album called tudy Of The Invisible which will be out on March 25th, 2022 via InFiné. According to the press release, she continues her exploration of the minimalist repertoire by introducing her audience to pieces, many rare or unpublished, by acclaimed composers, young pianists, and genre-bending personalities from the ambient and electronic scenes.

We already shared her interpretation of Roger and Brian Eno’s “Celeste“; on this second single “Before 6”, Vanessa Wagner highlights the unclassifiable profile of Italian pianist and composer Ezio Bosso, who died in 2020 of an incurable disease. According to the press release, it immerses the listener into a state of weightlessness, a motionless journey into his own solitude. A feeling of strangeness and mystery emanates from the apparent immobility of this short piece which, without belonging to the American minimalist movement, fits perfectly into the emotional journey of the album. The very close miking, the sounds of the hammers on the strings, gives a particular closeness and intimacy to this track.

Check the official video below.