Teeth Agency is the project of London-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and member of Gorillaz live band Jesse Hackett and Chicago-based multimedia artist Mariano Chavez. According to the press release, After Jesse bought a vintage ‘dental phantom’ from Mariano’s Agent Gallery in Chicago, the pair began a stimulating exchange of creative ideas, inspired by unconventional music, macabre art and striking artefacts. This became the beginning of a new venture, combining music, art and film.

Teeth Agency are united by their morbid curiosities, as well as their interest in a range of rare musical styles from casio organ violin laments, to lizard lounge jazz, stoner doom psych, and absurdist soul horrorrama. They are back with a new track called “Anon“,  written in collaboration with producer and songwriter Nathan Jenkins aka Bullion and Mercury Prize-nominated musician ESKA. It is out via Stones Throw Records.  Check the official video below.