T. Gowdy is a Montreal based producer and musician. His audio/visual performances have featured at MUTEK (Montréal and Barcelona) and Spektrum (Berlin), alongside his ongoing work as an in-demand producer/engineer with over fifty album credits to date, including Suuns, Ensemble and Ada Lea.

He has announced the release of a new album called Miracles which will be out on June 3rd via Constellation Records. According to the press release, The music on Miracles is sourced from raw materials originally performed for an unreleased audio-visual project based around surveillance footage. T. Gowdy expands on his diaphanous sublation of mantric-industrial arpeggiated grit with this new collection of minimal electronics, working primarily in a 120-140 BPM zone of tonal percussion and corrugated pulse shaped by temporal experimentation with vactrols, noise gates and alluvial distortion/compression.

Check the new excerpt below.