Sunda Arc is the project which involves brothers Nick Smart and Jordan Smart. Best known as key members of Mammal Hands, their new project takes inspiration from the likes of Jon Hopkins, Rival Consoles, Moderat and Nils Frahm as well as their own music world.

Twi years after the debut album, they have announced the sophomore full-lenght called Night Lands which is out on November 18th via Gondwana Records. “Distant Siren” is the first excerpt. They explain:

“This was a track that went through many iterations, as we were playing with different moods to frame the main melody. We ended up settling on more of an urban and dark sound world, with the bass clarinet representing a more hopeful melody struggling to emerge throughout the track in different ways. This track I think feels like taking an early morning journey on a night bus; the thoughts and feelings and sights and sounds that emerge and fall back into the darkness.”