Sheep, Dog & Wolf is the project of New Zealand based multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and composer Daniel McBride. Seven years after the debut full-length Egospect, he has announced the release of a new album called Two-Minds which is out on April 9th via Aphrodite. He explains: “The album was written during a period of chronic physical and mental illness; it’s a document of that timeBut I still see Two-Minds as a positive statement – it’s about recovery as much as it is about illness, and about the shafts of light that could shine through even in the depths of it.”

Fine” is a new excerpt.  The song is about the extreme denial he found himself in during some of his worst periods of illness. “I could be in the depths of it, barely leaving the house, completely devoid of feeling and utterly dissociated, and yet I would still somehow convince myself that everything was normal, that I was fine,” he explains. Believing it was a personal failure and not wanting to admit he was unwell or in need of help, he ignored it and hoped it would go away. “I wish I’d known then what I know now: that mental illness is just that, an illness. It’s nothing be ashamed of. And once you work past that shame and denial, once you acknowledge it and ask for help, it gets a lot easier.” 

Check the official video below.