Argentinian cellist, composer and producer Sebastian Plano has announced the release of a new album called Save Me Not which will be out on July 2nd via Mercury KX. It follows 2019’s Verve. Recorded at nights in his Berlin studio, it finds him going to unprecedented, even greater extremes to satisfy his urge to express himself through the creation of ensemble music alone. We already shared “A Present For A Young Traveller“; “Soul I (Avow)” is a new excerpt.

He explains: “The ‘Soul’ trilogy is an introspective journey of the immaterial characteristics of individuals. The 3-track story can be understood as a personal depiction and view on three states of a soul; contemplative, exuberant and playful. Part 1 titled “Avow” is a frank introspective journey through my soul. While working on this track, I was asking myself, ‘how would it sound if a soul could sing?’ I was then experimenting and processing the cello in various ways leading to the opening cello of the track which represents a soul-singing chant. Technically this was achieved editing together normal and reversed cello recordings and really focusing on the nuances in the sound, as if the cello would be saying words”