New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Sarah Mary Chadwick has announced her seventh full-length album called Me And Ennui Are Friends Baby which will be out February 5th, 2021 via Ba Da Bing. We already shared “Every Loser Needs A Mother“ and “At Your Leisure”; “Full Mood” is a new excerpt.

“‘Full Mood’ is about a Valentine’s Day date I went on,” explains Chadwick. “The owner of the bar we were at tried to get us both to fuck her, but she wouldn’t let me be in charge so we didn’t. I remember afterwards we were walking down the road and it was streetlights and still at 3am and everything felt great and shining and I remember thinking that I wish my dad could’ve done this, got drunk and kicked around the city at night when it’s all sparkly, holding onto someone who lights you up, not been stuck in silent dark rural New Zealand, watching other people’s lives on TV, drinking half glasses of box wine while his frowning wife ironed.”

According to the press release, the new album is comprised entirely of minimal solo piano arrangements; Ennui is despondently clear-eyed and smirkingly self-deprecating, completing a trilogy of records that started with The Queen Who Stole The Sky  and her only outing to date featuring a full band, Please Daddy.

Each record has followed Chadwick’s internal processing after a traumatic event, with Chadwick’s zeal for psychoanalysis front and center. On Ennui, Chadwick presents an exacting intensity with her choice to pare back to piano and vocals. It’s in this stark setting that she focuses on the attempt she made on her life in 2019.