Under the Reefs Orchestra are a Belgian experimental trio led by guitarist Clément. According to their bio, they create a powerful musical nexus where riffs and patterns intertwine and intensify; where massive bass saxophone blasts confront Morriconian melodies. With Clément Nourry at the helm, Under The Reefs Orchestra is an adventurous power trio that navigates between post-rock and tempestuous jazz.

We introduced them with the track “Sakurajima“. “ANTS” is the new track lifted from the band’s forthcoming album due this September through Capitane Records. The band say: “‘Ants’ Follows our first single ‘Sakurajima’ (whose name come from the famous Japanese volcano), this new track is equally eruptive, but with perhaps even more shimmering sonic colours. It is a dialogue with the saxophone of Marti Melia and alternates between hot and cold moments, between sultry swells and feverish accents. The music sounds like the orchestration of a great climactic event, as if both musicians on the Titanic and the drowning passengers were all making music in concert.

According to the press release, the track is accompanied by a spectacular live session shot on a rooftop in Brussels just a few days ago. Under The Reefs Orchestra perform an incandescent versions of ‘Ants along with another title to be released track ‘Heliodrome. Directed by Kevin Antoine and François Dubois. Served by a beautiful light, the session shows all the power of performance of an extraordinary group.

Watch it below.