Simon McCorry is a British musician, composer and sound designer which created sound for theatre, circus, dance & film and for over 15 years. He has announced the release of a new EP called Nature in Nature which will be out on januray 29th via See Blue Audio. It follows 2020’s The Light Only Blinds and was mastered by Taylor Deupree at 12k Mastering.

According to the press release, The ambiguous environment he explores on the four tracks of this EP are drawn from the electronic side of his palette, but the influences and techniques of other forms from his musical range, including his training and career as a professional cellist, are also present. A rich combination of field recordings, adept loop-based cello compositions and atmospheric improvisations have given Simon the tools to fully exploit the sonic possibilities of the cello through a host of treatments, effects and analogue modular synthesis.

Today we have the pleasure to share the official video of the opening track “Background Thermal Radiation“. He explains: “I made the video for Background Thermal Radiation as a visual expression of the theme of the music, which is the tension between chaos and order. I remember as a child staring at the static on an old cathode ray tv, making out swirling patterns almost imposed by will, to the shapes seen in clouds of the sky, and to the patterns that emerge to scientists exploring physical phenomena. The boundary between order and chaos seems to be one of choice, one of aesthetic choice.”

Watch it below.