Radio Trapani is an Italian, Amsterdam-based italian artist and producer. We introduced him with the debut track called “Growing Strong”; now he’s back with a new track called “Go” and it is the first collaboration with producer Almazzieri (iosonouncane, _ofclouds). This song will be part of a a concept EP that will be out in Spring 2022. We have the pleasure to share the official video directed by himself. Watch it below and read the full story.

According to the press release,  Writing music can be a way to process sentiments and let painful things out of oneself, hopefully connecting people who can resonate with those feelings by listening, so we all can feel less alone. The artist’s stream of consciousness is the one of a post-breakup mind, picturing the lost lover as someone to look up to and quoting cute moments they shared. Trying to connect to the lost partner from a distance feels almost like a ritual here, as one is trying to make peace with what happened, processing the loss. The gospel-like harmonies of the synth pad seem to almost underline the ritualistic character of the composition, and so does the choir in the refrains.

In the music video, that was directed by the artist himself, a slow motion dance in a vaporous piece of fabric is performed, with him metaphorically picturing the ghost of a lost one. Structurally, a peculiar contrast is achieved by alternating verses dense with lyrics and choruses that are basically instrumental. These last ones are structured in a way that metaphorically gives space to the person to actually leave after the word “Go” is sung.

Although the orchestration feels empty for almost the whole song, a careful listen reveals a world of sonic details that the two producers dressed the song with, improvising with different instruments and techniques. The buildup is organic, the last- chorus emotional, a four on the floor supports the beautifully detuned synth chords.