Barcelona based, minimal electronic producer, composer and DJ Pablo Bolivar is a renowned name and familiar to most in the underground circuit of idm music. He has announced the release of a new album called Framework Of A Dream which will be out on May 21st. Pre-order is available here.

According to the press release, Calling across the vast plains of sound, there comes Pablo Bolivar’s minimal electronic soundscapes – drawing the listening in and leading them into a dream state. With rolling basslines meeting gently rising synths, Framework Of A Dream is a journey into the subconscious as it ventures into unexplored thought and richly textured waves of sound. A refined piece of work, best listened to when in a contemplative mood, the LP creates an ambient space, perfect to push the mind into new directions.

Speaking of the inspiration for the album, Pablo Bolivar tells us: ”The source of this album, was the moving from Bcn to my hometown during the pandemic. I was producing the album in front of a green garden surrounded by mountains, a river and a wild beach… a dream come true, that’s why I have called it “Framework Of A Dream”.

Check the official video of the track “Dusk Light” which features Ben Preisinger. Speaking of the video, the director EBlo explains: “It was an absolute joy to work on the video for Dusk Light with Pablo. I really connected with the music, it’s a style and genre I particularly love. Through listening to the track and taking direction from Pablo, I developed a vision that I felt complimented both the environment and the sound space that this track occupies. The video is designed to be dream-like, a journey through the luscious and often off-world landscapes of Iceland. Swirling mist, ice glaciers, volcanos, and glimpses of natural life.