Organ Mug is the project of Swiss musician Morgan Hug. We introduced him with the 2019’s EP Here and There. Back in 2021, he has released a new album called Solastalgia. His video for “Intoned In The Distance” is nominated at the M4Music’s “Best Swiss Music Video”.

According to the press release, the new album is a poignant tale of an ecological sorrow and its ending in which the multi-talented Swiss artist shines bright, placid, in the heart of the storm. It was composed in the Swiss countryside and features several artists: rock singer Emilie Zoé, symphony composer Hugo Lippens and bass player Côme Aguiar (Silmarils, Aaron, etc.). He explains:

My goal was to capture the innocence of my childhood, of a lost world. For me, this album is first and foremost an attempt to heal my ecological grief through the memory of a house that has not caught fire yet.”

He continues: “In the second part of the record, I wanted to look beyond sugar-coated nostalgia, not to indulge in it, but rather find the strength to open our eyes and face today’s difficult realities. For me, despair ends with the refusal to accept the fate of a deleterious path. » A statement that reaches its climax on the title track, Solastalgia, an examination of mental and general anaesthesia the artist refers to as « eco- paralysis.”

Check the new video for the track “Allies“.