Numeral is the project of Swiss drummer and producer Philippe Adam, known also for his work with bands as The Lugubrious and Faux Tales. he describes his solo project as  “a sonic universe of rumbling sub-basses, clever audio design and, at times, gloomy and dystopian landscapes.

His music is inspired by a great variety of artists, ranging from the concrete music of composers such as Pierre Schaeffer and Edgard Varèse to contemporary IDM and downtempo artists in the like of JonHopkins, Rival Consoles or even Four Tet. According to the press release, In his personal work prevail sometimes dark atmospheres, sometimes luminous melodies. An inclination to distort, disassemble, modify sounds with great attention to details: this is what gives numeral’s apocalyptic sound its full magnitude.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official video of the track “SULASAN“, an excerpt from the upcoming EP Numer which will be out on November 27th. It tells of a dark and threatening environment of driving beats, powerful sub-basses and dense soundscapes, in the middle of which the clear voice of the Sansula rises to fight against its own disorientation and ultimately for its existence.

The Swiss media artist and VJ Niculin Barandun captured the track’s gloomy atmosphere in organically morphing colours and shapes. Watch it below.