Nelson Beer is a Paris based, Swiss composer and musician. In 2013, in collaboration with several producers from around the world, Nelson set up ON LAND collective, which creates a fabric of experimentation and exchange between several styles of music and cultures. In 2015, he performed for Christian Marclay at White Cube Bermondsey. In 2016, he worked alongside Susan Hiller and Ajmet Ogut to create an experimental Jukebox.

In 2017 Nelson collaborated as a sound designer with Marguerite Humeau for her exhibition RIDDLES at the Schinkel Pavilion in Berlin and with George Henry Longly for the DAIMYO exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo.

Now he has announced the release of a new EP called Orlando which will be out later this year. He explains: “The EP Orlando was composed with the idea of using sound as a means of archiving the present and as a fluid archive of history. I have been inspired by different Western European traditions in the use of the diatonic and pentatonic major scale (folk), thirds (country) and recording techniques such as field recording and binoral microphones (musique concrète, electro-acoustic music). I have also been influenced by classical music from South Asia where the space between notes is often more important than the notes themselves, such as the khali in Indian tala which is a specific notation for ghost notes.

Today we have the pleasure to share a new track called “Vesper“. Beer explains: “Vesper is about two people (Hesperos & Phosphoros in the Greek mythology). There’s a folkloric saying that they might even be the same person. In this way, song is some sort of schizophrenic ballad; two voices telling each other what they need, how they need it and why. This forms a liminal space where both of them exist but none of them listens.

Check the official video below.